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Why you need SEO and Digital Marketing as a Business

You may or may not have heard about SEO which is the core of digital marketing (Digitale Markedsføring) so here we will give you an overview of what it is and why it’s very important that you use it to it’s full extent.

Google is the world’s number #1 search engine (Søkemotor). They hold 91% market share in all online search, so to be visible when customers are searching online, you have to play by Google’s rules (yes Google have lots of rules). The result of not following Google’s rules and guidelines means that they will not rank your website very highly and not many customers will find your website when searching for services that you provide. On the other hand, if your competitors are using SEO they will naturally take many of your customers for themselves, simply because, when people are searching online for the services you provide, your competitor will be showing up before you in the search results.

Unless you have the skills to do it all yourself, SEO is a paid service, but at the same time, I know It’s hard to justify paying for something you don’t really fully understand, and I agree with that completely. You can be a brilliant businessman but the hallmark of a good businessman is knowing when it’s time to adapt to where the customers are, much like a fisherman will often move positions to where the fish are, after all, there is no point fishing where there are no fish.

Above, I spoke about the negative effects of not following Google’s rules, but here we can look at what happens when you do follow Google’s guidelines and rules. A qualified expert, like myself in SEO and SEM (Search engine marketing) understands all the technical details about how a website works, how Google sees your website, and how they decide to rank it, with a good score or a bad score. Being an effective digital marketer is a skill like any other and takes a long time and a lot of studying to perfect, so when a company hires me, they are hiring a professional marketer who will do a full evaluation of their online presence, look for the strengths and weaknesses and develop both accordingly.

Attracting customers to your business online is a very competitive business and in some markets many Businesses are all fishing in the same pond, so if you want to stand any chance at all of competing, having a good SEO strategy is a matter of the highest importance.

With each passing day, business people around the world are beginning to feel the effects of SEO.  Usually because one or more of their competitors start to become more popular and attract more potential customers, but how?, it’s because the competitor started to use SEO techniques to attract more potential customers because whatever you may think, it really does work. If you want to talk to one of my long standing Norsk SEO clients right here in Norge, please let me know and I will put you in touch with him, he will be happy to give you a reference regarding my work for him and his 100% Norsk business over the past 4+ years.

We run a digital marketing byrå called Norgeseo and offer a full digital marketing service covering all areas of digital marketing. Contrary to popular beleif, SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it system, it is something which requires regular maintenance and attention.  I often tell people, doing this kind of work is like being the gardener of a large, fancy house, set in beautiful gardens all around, but if you dont regularly maintain those gardens,they can quickly become overgrown and begin to lose theirshine .Also, working to beat competitors does not happen overnight, it takes some real effort to increase the ranking of a website through many different aspects of SEO

But, if you are still skeptical I can arrange a live demo of how SEO works so you can see first hand how effective it can be when used properly. I know there are many old school people out there who are skeptical and I also know there are people who have tried using an SEO byrå but had a bad experience paying out money for nothing, but please believe me when I tell you, all SEO companies are not the same. I personally always go the extra mile when working to improve a customer’s web presence and I take the time to learn your business from the inside out so I can be as effective as possible.

On the other hand if you are smart and can already see the benefits of using it, then please do feel free to get in touch for a chat as to how we can help you, no matter if you have an existing website or are planning to launch a new site.

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