Nyttigtek is part of the Norgeseo group.

We, like many others believe that technology is a very interesting and fascinating subject and anyone who wants to learn more about it should have that opportunity.
This will be the first of a group of websites designed around a specific theme to give people some insight into how the technologies we all use daily are put together.

This website will be added to on a regular basis with new articles and also tutorials and we will also soon be adding a services section in which visitors will be able to choose online courses to help them learn new things, so please do check back often.

Norgeseo is a leading SEO and Digital Marketing ByrÄ (Bureau) helping clients across Norway to reach the top of their game.

If this service is for Norwegians, why is everything in English? Well, why not, isn’t it true that the working language of technology is English? True fact: 90% of Norwegian technology workers have their computer set to use English as the default language, and in my opinion Norwegian people are certainly not dumb at all and are, in fact very proficient in English. I have absolutely nothing against Norsk, I use it when I have to, but when it comes to technology, English is the way to go, as things can be explained in much simpler terms. I have a good Norsk friend who is very nationalistic and he says as much as he hates to admit it, he has to agree.

Unless someone has a superiority complex it doesn’t really matter does it, so let’s just have fun learning together, but if you want to write to me in Norsk you are most welcome to do that as I have no difficulty understanding you.

Thanks for visiting, it’s great to see you!