Build your own


bygge din egen nettside

I’m only going to recommend one method to build a website, because unless you have lots of experience and can do it by hand, there really is only one extremely easy way to build a website to get professional, pixel perfect results, and no, it’s definitely NOT Wix (If you want to market your website, stay well away from Wix)

My 100% recommendation is Elementor page builder which is a plugin for WordPress.  It is by far the Number #1 website and page builder in the world which requires no programming knowledge to use effectively and get stunning results. The Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress has over 10 million active installs, so asking if Elementor is popular is like asking if dogs like sausages. The video below gives a brief outline as to how it works. Take a look…(There are literally 1000’s of other videos and tutorials online teaching how to use it). This is just a basic introduction.

.....OK, I'm interested tell me more

Elementor is a very flexible and easy to use system with regular updates and excellent support, and what’s more, you can choose between the free version or go straight for the Pro version, or, if you don’t already have web hosting, the helpful people at Elementor also offer a complete package called Elementor Website (this includes the Pro version of Elementor) and a complete hosting package all-in-one deal to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
To use Elementor, all you need is a WordPress website (most successful websites are built on WordPress these days) and you can then install the Elementor plugin and off you go. Most people start with the free version of Elementor and then once they get a taste of how easy and extremely versatile it is, they quickly upgrade to the Pro version, and what’s more, the Pro version only costs $49 per year for 1 site, which at the time of writing this article in January 2022 is approximately kr 439,- and for all the tasty extras you get with the Pro version it’s a no brainer.  I know people who spend more than that on their lunch in a week!

You can click the banner below to explore the various package deals or to get the 100% free version to start.

Ok I'm in but can you help me get set up?

Yes, we can!
We can help you with any, or every step of the way, from domain name registration to hosting and from installing WordPress to setting up Elementor and we can do the whole thing remotely over Teamviewer.

Checking domain name availability

Never done any of this stuff before but wanting to give it a try? Let’s do a little experiment. Think of a website name that you would like to use for your new website, so like “”, but before you can buy your domain name (that’s what it’s called) you first have to check if anyone else has already taken that name, and to do that, we go to a website which sells domain names (kinda makes sense), so click this link which will open a new window, and in the search box where it says “Finn ditt domenenavn” type in a name (don’t type the www) you would like to use, and it will show you a list of all the domains you can use. If the name has a green dot beside it, that means it is available to buy, but if it shows a red dot then that means it’s already taken and you need to try an alternative.

See, that wasn’t so hard was it? and that my friend is the first step in creating a new website for either your business or blog etc.
For example, if you typed in you would then click on the name in the list and on the following page it would give you some options and then you can either just go-ahead and buy the domain name for 99kr or examine the Web Hosting deals as well. – Easy!

Once you’ve bought your domain name, it’s all yours for 12 Months (after which you will need to renew it again) and then you just need to decide where to host the domain name, or, you can just leave it where it is on The next job is to decide which company you will choose to host your website, you remember on the first page we named our Top 3 Hosting companies which were Hostinger, Greengeeks, and If you leave it on and decide to host your website on Hostinger, you just need to point your domain name (in the provided control panel) to Hostinger.  It’s all pretty straightforward. And then the next step is to begin building your website, and if you are smart, you will use Elementor to do that as mentioned above.

Ok, so now you’ve got your website up and running, so what now? Do you just sit back and wait for lots of visitors to come and buy your stuff each day? Hmm, well you can do that but you won’t get very far and you certainly won’t get many visitors at all because there is an important step still to go, a step that all-too-many people ignore, and that is digital marketing (Digitale Markedsføring). If you want to be found and if you don’t want your competitors taking all of your customers, you absolutely MUST have some SEO and Digital Marketing. If you are a business and hope to make money by engaging new, potential customers online then it’s not an option or even a suggestion, you absolutely need it, because if you don’t, building that nice website is going to be a waste of time because your competitors who are smart enough to use SEO will take all of your customers. Click here to visit our SEO page to learn how and why you need it for your website.